Say my Name, Say my Name

The long weekend is over! Let the new year officially begin. My life will be moving forward in the coming months. It may not be going where I thought it was going (scratch that, it will probably 100% be going somewhere I hadn't planned), but, so it goes.

I have a project for you guys. As a kid and in high school I shortened my name, then when I moved to college I didn't want to go by that name again, so I went by a different shortening of my name. Most of you don't know my real name (I'm assuming, and for those of you who do, no cheating!). Right now I'm just going by my full name (which I love), but I am thinking of going by another name for my next station in life. So here's the project: What do you guys think my real name is? What do I "look like" to you. You know how some people look like their names and other people you would never guess that that was their name?

What would you guess my real name is based on what you know and see of me?

Who knows, maybe I'll pick one of your names and go by it when I move to a new place where no one knows me!