Sister Golden Hair Surprise

Today I got home from work and my family had re-plowed the ice rink! Unfortunately there have been a lot of freeze/thaw cycles which made the ice surface really bad. Hopefully it will get better with the sun melting the surface since we don't have a fancy Zamboni (I wish!). I was going to go practice but it was pretty hard to skate on. Me and Little Bit decided to take a snowmachine ride around the lake instead! It's funny because I haven't snowmachined since I cut my bangs and they get in my eyes with the wind whipping across my face! I guess I'll have to wear a helmet to prevent such annoyances (and for warmth and safety's sake, of course).

jacket/nordstrom :: jeans/ross :: top/thrifted :: cardigan/old navy :: scarf/handmedown

Last night I went and watched the hockey team that I'll be joining. I'm pretty confident that I'll do well. It's a very laid back women's league so it won't be stressful and I won't feel like I'm out of my league, skill-wise. My younger brother is a movie mastermind so I'll make him come out and videotape some of my games and I'll post them so you guys can see me being a goon out on the ice. I've watched hockey for over 14 years and played a few times just for fun out on the lake but I've never been on a real team, so I'm really excited to see how it goes. Now I just have to go about procuring all my gear! Hopefully I can borrow most of it, hockey gear can get kind of expensive.

Oh, and my interview for that job is next Wednesday! I'd better get my portfolio in order! And start thinking about interview outfits again...

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