Living the Dream

Now that I'm working a 4/10 work week, it's nice that I finally have three day weekends. I feel like I need one day to recouperate and sleep in, one day to do all the stuff I need to do, and then one day to have fun/relax. I think everyone needs at least one day a week to completely relax. Relaxing is important. I'm trying to make sure I make time to relax because I've been feeling stressed this week. My resolution this year (sort of, I hate resolutions) was to live intentionally and not just feel things willy nilly, but actually have a reason for feeling something so I don't let my feelings dictate my life.

Speaking of living intentionally, I need a fringe trim in a serious way. I was watching Shear Genius last night and has some serious desire to radically change up my hair after seeing all the crazy hair cuts. For now I think I'll stick to just getting my hair out of my eyes.

dress/ModCloth via Tieka :: skirt/thrifted :: tights/wet seal :: boots/target

This dress is from ModCloth through the Delightful Dozen swap via Tieka. It's kind of big on me, so I put it under my
favorite skirt. I really like it, it's so soft and comfy. It's sort of like wearing jammies! I almost put on my black cardigan, but then I looked at the way Tieka styled the dress and realized that I would be styling it just like her!

If you guys have been following my twitter, you may have noticed some tweets referring to "working on the Winnebago Dream" lately. While I still haven't located the right vehicle, I'm still working on financing the trip, which has been challenging. I know it's not glamourous to talk finances, but with a dream like this it's such an integral part. Right now I'm working on getting sponsored through Roadtrip Nation, and the sponsors for my blog are really sponsors for the Winnebago, so I've got those two things going on.

In addition, I've started a business through Market America, which will hopefully allow me to make a living while being on the road. Basically, you shop (for pretty much anything, and at all kinds of stores. It's like a mall, but on the internet) and when you enter the mall through me, you become my customer and I get a commission from anything you buy! It's a little bit like but with over 2,500 different stores, price comparisons, one shopping cart (for multiple stores), and one shipping rate (which is amazing for people like me living in Alaska where shipping can be outrageous!). In addition, you can also get cashback when you shop there, 2% - 35%! I think it's pretty neat because so many of us already shop online, why not get paid to shop, right? I want to stress to you guys that I'm not doing any of this to make money off my blog in some get rich quick type scheme, I just am really trying to work towards my goal of getting the Winnebago and going on the road. I'm so excited about following this dream and blogging about it on the road, it's probably the one thing I've been most passionate about in my whole life.

Anyway, I thought now would be a good time to mention it because I was going to say how I never wear lipstick because it always feels weird (and I feel like I look like Courtney Love by the end of the day), but I tried this ruby red lipstick today and I really like it! I've tried so many different brands of lipstick and they all feel just nasty to me, but this lipstick by Motives is really nice. I've been a pretty solid M.A.C. girl for quite some time, and I'm a creature of habit so it was hard for me to try a new brand, but I've already ordered another shade of lipstick, hah! I feel so glamourous. I've had lipstick envy ever since seeing how amazing Melissa's was at the girls night out last friday, so I just went online and got a dark shade of lipstick to try out. I'll definitely be showing you guys my lipstick experiments when it arrives, vamping it up!

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, THE PERFECT WINNEBAGO IS ON CRAIGSLIST RIGHT NOW. I'M FREAKING OUT. I want to die of excitement right now. Praying praying praying for this one to work out! (I can't believe it's in Alaska too!)