Okay, so speaking of sponsors and totally missing the whole month of February (did it just fly by? Where'd it go???) I thought I'd do a little spotlight of the lovelies who have been gracing my sidebar for the past month. Lets start from the top:

If you guys haven't clicked over to Twila's, you must, it's full of super cute little vintage dresses. Her shop always makes me salivate for more vintage dresses...

This has been one of my favorite online shops for a long time. The pieces they stock are just so cute and unique, very vintage inspired– which, as you all know, is right up my alley. They always have really great pieces, and their lookbooks are just too gorgeous.

If you haven't been to ModCloth, I don't know what rock you've been living under. They have hundreds of great items, and I can spend hours just window shopping. We've had a couple ModCloth items in the Delightful Dozen swap and there are more to come, needless to say, we are fans.

Noble Town Vintage
I'm sure you guys are familiar with Noble Town after my giveaway a few weeks ago. You all should keep her shop bookmarked though, because she's got cute dresses coming in all the time. I have one dress from NTV and if I had unlimited funds, best believe I'd have way more!

Busy Bee is one of my newer sponsors. If you haven't entered the Busy Bee giveaway yet, make sure to enter for one of her beautiful headbands. She's got really gorgeous headbands, and even some super cute ones for babies! Wouldn't that make a cute new mommy/baby gift? Matching headbands!

KDikio Vintage
Kdikio just did my last giveaway, so I'm sure you've heard of her shop. She's got a great array of vintage jewelry and other accessories. If you're looking for a unique piece to accent your outfits, Kdikio is a good place to start your search.
Baby Says Boutique has some really gorgeous items. Tieka just posted an outfit with a dress from BSB and I totally fell in love. BSB has a great mix of new and vintage items. She also has some nice accessories, so don't miss out...

Emily hand makes all her designs. She prints handmade block prints onto American Apparel scarves and she hand-makes all her jewelry herself.

I adore Clyde's Rebirth jewelry. The way she reworks the pieces she uses in her jewelry is just really interesting and beautiful. Her jewelry is both feminine and edgy at the same time. It may be just me, but I'm a big fan of unusual, chunky jewelry, so I love her stuff.

Last but not least! Wildcatters has some great personalized items. You can pick initials you want to imprint onto her tiny ID tag necklaces, or you can choose one of her other beautiful pieces, like the Medicine Pouch necklace or the crossed arrows Bravery necklace.