13 Million Dollar Baby

My pasty white Alaskan skin has taken on a pinkish tinge in the past 24 hours. Usually I try to go tanning before I go anywhere sunny in order to ease my skin into the whole seeing-sunlight-again thing, but I had no time. Result: sunburn. Not that bad though. I don't really mind sunburns that much, until my skin starts peeling. Gross.

dress/F21 :: top/vintage :: shoes/thrifted

Yesterday afternoon we went and got some cheeseburgers at Cheeseburger in Paradise, which was delicious. Something about a good ol' cheeseburger and Mai Tai.... mmmm. Afterwards there was this open house, so we decided to walk through for kicks (I mean, when am I ever going to be inside a 13 million dollar house, right?). We saw two houses in the same little neighborhood: 40 ft. from the ocean. 11 million for one, 13 for the other. Unbelievable. They were astoundingly beautiful, but at the same time, so austere and impersonal. I guess it may be just because they were someone's second vacation home, or just because they were tidied up for the open house, but I thought, while they were outrageously luxurious, I'd prefer to have something that was comfortable and personal (and perhaps delightfully tacky?), rather than super fancy.

The funniest thing that happened was that my mom had to use the bathroom, so she went in the 13 million dollar house. Aaaand the toilet didn't work. Hah! Luckily my Dad is a handy fellow and knew how to turn the toilet on so she could flush it. It reminded me of that scene in Dumb and Dumber when the toilet is broken. We all had a good laugh, though.
We rented some bikes yesterday too, so I'm pretty sure some biking is going to be happening soon. Biking to the beach sounds lovely...