Does anybody really know what time it is

I'm totally jealous of how springy it looks in so many of you guys' photos! When I go home it's gonna be full blown winter!! For a least a month more! I'm gearing up for returning to this. Gotta squeeze all the sun out of this place and save it up for the rest of winter!
I'm pretty sure this vacation to Hawaii is the most summer I'll get for the rest of the year, it only hits 80 degrees on very rare occasions in Alaska, and 70 occasionally. It's kind of nice, though, I suppose. It gives me a lot more latitude in my outfits. I can wear tights and layers all through summer if I want, whereas other people will be sweltering in the heat. Gotta look at the bright side of things right? And really, summers in Alaska are gorgeous so I can't complain.

shirt & belt/vintage :: skirt/nordstrom

I'll be home all summer this year, I think (unless, by miracle, I get going on the Brave before then– unlikely. I think I'm shooting for next fall so I can get all my ducks in a row. Seems far away now, but I'm sure it will come up faster than I anticipate!). It's been a while since I've been home all summer. It's strange to think that I actuallylive in Anchorage again. For so long I've been thinking of it as a temporary thing, but now I've got a steady job and I'm not planning on moving for school. The only thing on my plan for the future right now is the Brave, which is a solid plan, though the details are still as fuzzy as can be.

For months now I've been talking about my living situation in such temporary terminology, perhaps in the subconscious hopes that I would move out on my own again like a real adult, haha. Truth be told, I cannot wait till I get to live on my own again, building my life in my own apartment, in my own city. Not that I dislike living with my family, I really do like it, and financially it's ridiculously helpful, especially when it comes to saving up/paying off school. Sometimes it makes me feel juvenile, though. Not helpful: the droves of people who think I'm 15. I suppose looking youthful will be a blessing later on, but for now I can't help but be slightly annoyed (though amused) every time someone doesn't believe me when I say I've graduated college. I should just start pretending I'm a child genius and say I graduated college at 15. I could go back to high school and be super awesome at it, a la Never Been Kissed. Some times I wish I could do high school again and see it from a different perspective. Not caring about what stupid boys think of me, or pining for boys who don't care about me, or giving teachers who are full of crap a piece of my mind.

P.S. I pinned my hair up in these shots because I'm thinking of cutting it shorter. I know, I'm crazy. I actually don't really want to (I already wish it was still super long like before), It just struck my fancy to see what it'd look like. Luckily I my scissors are thousands of miles away because I'm prone to doing spontaneous things with my hair.