Dressin' up to Kill

I'm sure most of you have seen the rest of the Delightful Dozen style this dress. ModCloth was lovely enough to send the Delighful Dozen the Dynamite dress, and we were all going to post on the same day, but my dress decided to take a little jaunt to other places before I found it. It turned out that they had sent it to an address that had the last two numbers switched! So I ran across the street to the apartment complex there and found that address and there it was! It had been sitting on this person's porch for 20 days! I couldn't believe it was still there, they must not use their front door! It was all quite funny to me but I'm glad I finally found it and got to style it!

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: lace dress/lulu e. bebe :: red heels/vintage :: black flats/target

I love it as a sundress, but it also seemed like it would be really easy to try as a skirt, so I folded under the top and tried it out, and I really like it as a skirt too! I feel like this dress would be really fun to wear to maybe a concert or on a cool date (neither of which I have had the pleasure of attending in many months...). It could be a sweet sundress, but I wanted to kind of rock-and-roll it up by adding the lace and studded belt.

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