Equestrian Leathers

The other day I realized that my workplace is in very close proximity to one of my old stomping grounds. Just a few minutes away from work are the horseshow grounds where I used to show in the summertime.  I drove up there to see if it would be a cool place to take pictures and it turned out to be really gorgeous with all the snow covering everything.  It's so strange being there during winter. It's just a vacant wasteland covered in feet of snow. I spent so many years of my life showing there, so many memories. I feel like it's kind of appropriate that my outfit is a little bit country. Granted, I rode english, not western, so the "country" reference doesn't really track. I always get excited when equestrian styles show up on the runways. It makes me want to don my riding pants and look like I walked out of a Michael Kors ad.

dress/Delightful Dozen swap w/ Leproust Vintage :: skirt/vintage :: boots/target

This dress is from Kristin of Leproust Vintage through the Delightful Dozen swap. I really love the gorgeous plaid and the unique color. I actually very rarely wear this skirt because for some reason most of the time when I put it on I feel like it's unflattering. Today I don't feel that way, though. I almost thought about selling it, but the story behind how I got it is too good to just sell it off. I love that about some clothes. Vintage clothes especially seem to come with a story. Buying clothes from Forever 21 just isn't the same as rummaging through musty old clothing, waiting to find a gem. I can't wait till I'm on the road, cruising through random little towns full of unique vintage trinkets and clothes. I'll probably end up being one of those weird old lady with strange things collected from her various travels.