I need you so much closer

The snow is slowly melting. I saw grass today! But I still got snow all in my boots walking to my photo spot. I cannot wait until I can traipse all around taking pictures wherever I want and not have to worry about wading through snow. Speaking of weather warming up, my hair is up! That's how you know the seasons are changing. My head blanket keeps me warm all winter so I refrain from styling it, but I'm so looking forward to my hair being more than just a functional-scarf-substitute.

In other news: Jeans?(!)

jeans/paris blues from ross :: top/urban outfitters :: boots + cardigan/target :: scarf/pashmina

I have been loving experimenting with lipsticks, but I fidget so much at work that I would probably end up looking like Courtney Love after a rough night by lunchtime. Lipstick will be relegated to after work and weekend times. I should probably just be a grown up and train myself not to touch/gnaw on my own lips. My eye make up looks pretty haggard by lunch too. I need a cone of shame to keep my hands away from my face. I'm sure I have some sort of oral fixation, which is why I should never start smoking. I would love it, just because it would be something for my mouth to do. Fact: I sucked my thumb until I was like ... in third grade.

Speaking of fidgeting, does anyone else have hair-unrest? I think it has something to do with spring-time and the changing of the seasons. The rest of the natural world is transforming, and I want to change too! We'll see what all that results in. I hate making appointments (which is why I usually do my own hair), but I'm not really in the mood to do my own hair this time. Who knows, maybe this weekend is the time for change!