Show and Tell Sunday

  • I saw this outfit on Blushing Ambition, and I fell in love with the simple elegance of the combinations she put together. I have been mulling over my own wardrobe in my mind trying to figure out how I can put together something similar. Unfortunately I don't have a cute toggle closure duffle coat, but perhaps a peacoat would suffice...
  • Ah the glories of Netflix. After learning about 50's style in my History of 20th Century Fashion class, I decided to watch Rebel Without a Cause on insta-netflix, which then caused me to watch East of Eden immediately afterwards. Mini James Dean marathon. What. A. Fox. Can you believe I'd never seen a James Dean film before? P.S. why are modern film credit fonts so not as cool as these vintage ones??? I want a new header image with "Delightfully Tacky" written in the "East of Eden" font, please!
  • I've known Cassie, from Beehives, for over a year now. We both lived in Spokane and I actually featured her photography in my magazine there, but I thought I'd share her with you guys. Hers are some of the most ethereal images I've ever seen. We were going to do a photoshoot back when I lived there but then we never ended up getting together (which I totally regret). She's incredible, I hope she never stops taking photos.
  • I reblogged a picture from Grunge Manners on tumblr a couple days ago and decided to click over to her blog and see more of this ravishing red-head. I love her carefree rock and roll vibe and OBVIOUSLY her amazing hair. I feel like my style has become a more prim than it's ever been before, and while I'm okay with that in some applications, I still love this kind of look. I mean, I am the girl who walked around for at least two weeks dressed like David Lee Roth. And no, I didn't lose a bet.
  • More pretty pictures: LetsExplode's photos are fun times.
  • I've been seeing the Orla Kiely SS10 collection making the rounds on in the blogosphere, and I absolutely love all the fun retro dresses. Unfortunately for this poor soul, my budget for dresses is like $7.00. Hello Value Village, goodbye gorgeous Orla Kiely dresses. I'll see you in my dreams...