Show and Tell Sunday

Pretty much everything Rhiannon wears is magically ethereal, so it's hard to pick just one image of her to show, but this little nude dress she wore to Barrington Hall last Saturday. She is just so adorable in all her photos, and all her vintage items are to die for.

I'm in love with the Ruche Spring Lookbook. Every Ruche lookbook is amazingly beautiful. I love the wide brim hats and freckles on the model. It's making me so excited for warmer months! Of course it snowed here this afternoon, so I'm cursing the weather.

I found the most amazing art/decor project at Design Sponge the other's an enormous paint-by-number mural! I am going to do this the second I get my own place. Design Sponge is my absolute favorite interior design website. I can't go there very often because I get frustrated that I don't have my own place to decorate! I so miss my old apartment in Spokane. I loved that apartment. Someday I'll have my own place, and when I do, I'll share all my fun interior design projects!

I've been a fan of Tavi's writings for some time now. She recently posted a little photoshoot of herself wearing a gorgeous Miu Miu frock, and I was stunned at how gorgeous she looked. Not that she doesn't look pretty usually, but she looked so grown-up and sophisticated. It was almost a hint of things to come. She's so smart and well spoken that I never really considered her "looks" before, but this girl is going to grow up drop dead gorgeous in a very unique way. I'm excited to see how her style evolves as she grows.

I'd seen these polaroid scarves before and kind of forgot about them, but I just ran across them again and I wish I had the spare cash to just drop hundreds of dollars on a scarf. I love how the polaroid image becomes totally abstracted once you wrap it around your neck.