The Great Coral Reef

Lately I've been feeling fresh injections in my wardrobe, but instead of having it due to buying new clothes, it's because of old clothes becoming new! Oh, and ... scissors. I had a couple old vintage dresses laying around that were full length dresses, but I'm too short for most maxi-dresses and I realized that I wasn't going to ever wear them unless they were shorter, so I just took some scissors and chopped off the bottoms. This dress is one of the ones that went under the knife. I love the coral color and the lacey detailing and the butterfly sleeves.

dress/vintage (altered) :: shoes/vintage bandolinos :: necklace/shop in Kihei

I went downtown this afternoon with my mom for a little girls time out and we took some photos at the top of the parking garage so you could see a bit of my city! There's the beautiful city of Anchorage, Alaska in the background! It's not too big, but it'll do. I can't tell you guys how excited I am for summer. The long long days are simply magical. If you've ever been to Alaska in the summer, you know what I mean. The sky is already still holding on to some light until 10:00 pm. Pretty soon it will be broad daylight until midnight! Can't wait.