Velvet Underground

Damn. My roots are getting baaad. And I meant to call the salon today to set up an appointment, buuut I lost track of time and now it's too late! I guess I'm going to be wearing hats this week? Unless I can get in tomorrow or Sunday...

Today I had on four different outfits, and actually at this very moment I'm wearing something else. I had my hair done three different ways today too. So indecisive! The weather was indecisive too. It was raining this morning and now it's sunny and warm. I guess I'm taking cues from the weather now.

shirt/hot topic :: dress/lulu e. bebe :: shoes/payless

Little Bit is totally pissed that I'm forcing her to be in my photos. Lately she doesn't want to hang out with me! I'm bummed. I think I need to get a Jack Russell for my Brave trip. They are just such good dogs. My Dad would kill me if I stole Little Bit though. Maybe I should get a Jack Russell puppy this summer and then by the time we go on the trip, she'll be trained? Who knows. Having an unruly dog could make the trip annoying, but having a good dog could make it amazing! What if my dog gets car sick? That's no good. My friend had a German Shepherd who would get car sick all the time, but not when I drove him. I think a Brave is too small for a big ol' German Shepherd though.