Couturious winner!

If you guys remember, I was a judge for the Couturious scholarship competition, and we've finally got a winner for the $2,000 scholarship grand prize!

Connie Chang from Otis College of Art and Design!

"Hello, my name is Connie Chang and I am currently a Fashion Design student at Otis College of Art & Design. Fashion and fine art has always been my favorite subjects since I was very young and am continually educating myself to grow to become a bridal designer someday. I enjoy expressing myself through creating art and I love exploring those who create their own. I admire genuine people with kind hearts and passion, and believe success simply comes from hard work and determination. As much as I love traveling, "Travel Chic" is a perfect way of expressing the style of outfit I prefer to dress while I am on the road."

Thanks to Couturious for letting me be a judge for the contest. It was really fun to see all the outfits people came up with! You can see the other finalists and the 2nd and 3rd place winners at the Couturious contest page.