Rum and Spokes

Saturday night was a beautiful evening, though still a little chilly in the 50's, so it was a perfect night to don these amazing grey trousers from Mel. They've been traveling around the Delightful Dozen and I've been keeping them captive in my closet waiting for the perfect inspiration to wear them. I decided to get my bike out of storage and get all the tires inflated so I could go for a little ride!

Back in college I had my little pink Schwinn (I still do, but it's in storage down in Washington), and me and my girlfriends used to all go on bike rides around north Spokane. Our favorite destination? The liquor store. For some reason it just was so amusing to me to pull up to the liquor store on a tiny, pink, banana-seat bicycle and go in to buy some rum. So, I went on a reminiscing ride to my local liquor store in memory of good times. I need to get me a bike lock so I can go places other than the liquor store. I'm always paranoid about my bike getting stolen.

cardigan/target :: shirt/vintage :: pants/vintage from Mel via the Delightful Dozen
sunglasses/pac sun :: shoes/minnetonka :: bag/tulu via cosette

When I finally get a Brave I'm going to take apart my bike and repaint it to match the Winne's stripes. Then, when I'm driving around with it latched to the back it'll be so cute and matching! I need to get a basket. A bike is not a bike without a basket. Maybe the dog I get will be small and able to ride in a basket, too cute!