Blogger of the Moment! The Tenth Edition...

I remember happening upon A Thought Is The Blossom last fall and I could tell it was going to become one of my favorite blogs. Starr takes such ethereal photos and I just wish I could jump through the computer screen to go join her on her amazing photo adventures. Not only does she have great photos, but she always has the most pleasant outfits. She wears vintage so naturally. She’s one of those people that just naturally exudes that vintage spirit. Lovely through and through. I hope we get to meet in real life some day. Perhaps I’ll get to see her in my Winnebago travels! Get to know Starr a little bit yourself...

Delightfully Tacky: What inspired you to start a blog?

Starr Crow: It all started with an unhealthy Myspace obsession with vintage clothing shops like Bittersweet Styles, Mousevox, Bleubird, Lullie, and Mama Stone. From their I discovered Sally Jane and Liebemarlene and immediately knew I had to get it on the mix. I was so enthralled by the creativity and inspiration that filled the pages of their blogs, and I was so encouraged to create my own fashion fairy tale.

DT: You seem to go on photo adventures all the time with your friends, where is your favorite place to take photos?

SC: I really can't name one place in particular, I just like areas that look like forests with lots of tall trees and scattered drops of light shooting down. The light has to be pretty dramatic, and the area has to be free of civilization. The only structures that can be in the background have to be abandoned! I'm a little OCD about not getting street signs or anything modern-looking in the photos too, but I like people to think I'm in the middle of nowhere. The locations aren't really as dreamy as they look though. They're usually surrounded by ugly buildings and new cars.

DT: What is it about vintage clothing that you love?

SC: The feeling of originality when I'm wearing it. I love that most vintage pieces are handmade and that no one else in the world has the same exact piece. I love the quality, the fabric, the prints, and the nostalgia that comes with wearing certain styles. I'm all about people and stories and characters, and I love getting to play into these faded lifestyles through clothing.

DT: Besides blogging, what are your hobbies? What do you love doing?

SC: Well, blogging does take up quite a bit of my time, but that's okay because it's kind of like a job and a hobby anyway! My favorite thing in the world is playing dress up. I love styling clothes and could stand in my closet for hours throwing outfits together and making sassy poses in front of the mirror. Then there's photography. I kind of happened upon this hobby after starting a blog, and I'm so happy I did because it's turned out to be one of the biggest loves of my life. I love going on photo adventures and creating little stories with my clothes and my camera. Other than that I love going to shows at this grungey little dive bar in town called White Water (think band guys with beards and plaid shirts and girls in all the latest trends), listening/dancing to vinyl with my boyfriend, and thrifting my little heart away.

DT: Do you go to school/have a job? If so what do you you study/do?

SC: Yes and yes. As far as a job, I survive mostly off of the sales from my Etsy shop, Action Is The Fruit. When I'm really desperate for money, I might pick up a shift at my old job waiting tables at a historic hotel in downtown Little Rock. It's nice to not have to work at the restaurant all the time, but it's also great to have that bit of financial security there if I need it. As for school, I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. If I hadn't changed my major 15 times I might have finished on time, but here I am still a couple years away from completion! Right now I'm studying journalism, public relations, and film, but ask me tomorrow and my answer might be different. Hopefully I'll stick with these three subjects and make it out of the MassComm department with a degree. My friend has asked me to help with a film she's writing for next years Little Rock Film Festival, so maybe I'll be able to work on a film soon (my dream)! There's also a possible opportunity (in the works) to write a weekly fashion article for a local newspaper, so hopefully the journalism degree will be able to help with that too! But, like I said, ask me what tomorrow and my answer will probably be tremendously different.

DT: What would you say your dream job would be?

SC: I would love to work on editorial type photoshoots either as the photographer or the stylist, and I would
also love to travel the world and experience different cultures. I'm really inspired by Sophia Coppola, Leith Clark, and Ellen Von Unwerth and would kill to have a job that allowed me to work with super feminine and romantic elements. I know that's a bit unrealistic which is why I try to create these type scenes on my own. I know my photoshoots are on a much smaller scale (and budget), but they allow me to live my dream job. Even if nothing else were to ever come along, I'd be perfectly happy doing what I'm doing now for the rest of my life! It really does make me happy.

DT: What is your favorite part about living in Arkansas?
SC: Well, I guess the thing I love most about is that Arkansas is the fact that it's home. It's where my family and my friends are, and therefore, it has a pretty tight hold on my heart. Other than that I love the people. People always talk about 'southern hospitality', but you can't really understand it until you leave the south. The people are really really nice here, and most of them are always willing to help a neighbor out. I love that I live in a rather small place (even though it is the capitol of our state), and I love that the creative field isn't a really saturated market. There's lots of great vintage, lots of rich history, and some really beautiful places to see. After all, we are 'the natural state'. Things I don't love: the fact that most every girl thinks she needs to be married by age 22 and have a baby by age 23. Also, I hate that we don't have an American Apparel, an H&M, a Zara, or an Urban Outfitters. We're left out of the fashion world! We just got a F21 a few years ago, and they're just now putting an Anthropologie in, but lord knows I can't afford those prices.

DT: Where do you find your daily inspiration?

SC: I find inspiration everywhere. It's the way the light hits my sheets in the early morning. It's the way my mind interprets the melody from my favorite song. It's the print that reminds me of a scene from my childhood. It's laughter. It's a familiar smell. It's a story. It really has no limitations! Then there's bloggers. Oh, bloggers! The reason for too much time spent on the internet. I like the world with bloggers though. Do you remember when magazines told us what to wear? I feel lucky to be a part of this generation. It's the beginning of a very cool future in fashion, and it's an absolute pleasure to be a part of.

DT: Has blogging helped you grow/change/learn about yourself? If so, how?

SC: OH YES, in ways you couldn't even imagine. Who was I a year ago? It's so rewarding to go back and read my first entry and to see how much I've grown since then. My photography has improved immensely, and I've developed a confidence that was no where to be found a few years ago. I used to be a very depressed person who was constantly bored and in need of entertainment, but now I can entertain myself for hours. I'm always happy, I'm more creative, and I'm full of ideas and projects. Blogging has introduced a new and wonderful life that I am so grateful for. I love who I am, and all the things I stand for (which I couldn't say before). I honestly feel like I'm living a fairy tale most of the time.

DT: If you could live/visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

SC: I've never left the country, so you can only imagine how long my list of 'places to see' is, but I think if I had to choose one place it would be France. My art history class gave me a great appreciation for the history of that country, and ever since leaving that class I haven't been able to forget all those gorgeous Gothic churches. I've also always had a desire to visit Tonga in the Pacific Islands. After reading a long National Geographic article about the
culture of their country, I was determined to one day visit their land. My anthropology teacher studied amongst the Pollopese people in the Pacific Islands, and her stories only fueled my desire to one day visit such a simple and very-different-from-us place. It's quite fascinating to see people surviving without all the machines we use in our culture. The men fish and the women harvest tarot. Their material needs are limited, and they're relationships are deep. I think it would be a very enlightening experience.

DT: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

SC: That's always such a hard question to answer. If you would've asked me 5 years ago (when I was 19) what I'd be doing today, there's no way in hell I would've said this! My personality and desires are always changing, and my constant goal throughout the process is to remain happy. As long as I'm happy with what I'm doing I'll have no complaints. I like the direction my life is headed, and I'd be more than satisfied if this road keeps going. I'm no fool though, I know detours and speed bumps are bound to slow me down, but as long as I'm able maintain my life, my love, and my happiness, things will be okay.

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