Brave Kitchen: Before & After

Last night I finished up painting the kitchen, so I thought I'd get in a little before/after post to show you guys! The fridge is almost finished, I just have to get some screws to secure the cover and then get the door back on. Once that is done I'll have more pictures!

Here is the kitchen before:

The wall of the kitchen was actually the same Formica as the counter, which meant I had to do a lot of prep work if I wanted the paint to actually stick. Before putting on primer, I cleaned it with a mixture of ammonia and water, then sanded it to an inch of its life. I also sanded the little PVC pipe running next to the stove since I wanted to paint that too. After that, I wiped all the dust away and masked everything off.

I used Killz for my primer and put two or three coats of that down first. The paint color I chose was Martha Stewart's "Cornichon," which is a really lovely avocado-y shade of green. I put three coats of that on, and voila! New kitchen!
I took down the little valance curtain that was there in order to paint and I'm not sure if I'm going to replace it or not. The curtain itself is pretty ugly, so if I do put it back up I'll have to get a new little curtain to replace it. For now I'm just enjoying gazing at my new green kitchen!