Cracklin' Rosie

The past two days I have been just scrubbing it like there's no tomorrow, and contrary to what most people seem to think, I just feel totally uncomfortable in jeans and a sweatshirt. Well, sometimes I like it, but this week sitting at work in jeans has just driven me nuts! I feel like my legs are in straight jackets! I don't know what's wrong with me, I used to only wear jeans and now my legs are like trying to secede from the union of pants. It's a civil war down there, people. I still like wearing jeans but for some reason sitting at a computer for 10 hours in jeans just isn't working out. So uncomfortable.

dress/forever 21 :: shoes/thrifted :: headband/handmade :: ring/forever 21

The past couple weeks my mom has been planting flowers and making the garden pretty, and so I thought I'd go play with the flowers in my floral Betty Draper dress. Speaking of Betty Draper, if you guys are into Mad Men at all (or even just amazing period costume design), you should head over to Tom and Lorenzo's blog and check out their incredible run downs of the various characters' fashion. They're really great reads. They aren't done going through all the characters yet, but I highly suggest going back through and reading the ones they've done so far.

This outfit is pretty much the exact opposite of what I have been wearing at work this week (I need to get more sleep so I can be coherent enough to actually be able to get dressed in the morning). Sometimes I'll come home and change clothes at my lunch break so I don't have to be stuck in whatever uncomfortable ensemble I concocted at 6:30 in the morning. I can't tell you how good it felt to slough off those jeans and slip into this dress. I haven't worn it since I was in NYC at the IFB conference. It's actually a surprisingly nice dress. When I buy stuff at Forever 21 I don't have high expectations as far as quality is concerned but I really don't mind. If something starts to fall apart I'll just mend it, but this dress is really nice! I have another f21 dress I haven't worn since February and it's hanging on my wall, eagerly waiting to be worn again.

I don't know if you guys recognize the bow on my headband, but it's one of the shoulder bows from my Rodarte dress that I altered. I made this headband way back in January but I never wore it because the black bow totally disappeared into my dark hair. Now that I have red hair, you can see it! Though, the headband is a little too big on me and it wants to fall off all the time, so it's probably going to be in the virtual garage sale...