Deep Purple

Yesterday was such a long day! By the end of the day I felt like I'd lived three days in one 24 hr span. I got up at 5:45 to take back the rental car and get to the airport, then flew out of LA at 8:00. I was super excited that Alaska Airlines had free wifi on the flight! I felt like I was in the future! Like... communicating with people on the web while I'm 30,000 feet in the air? Incredible! I think our generation forgets how absolutely amazing everything is around us. We're just so used to it. I mean, we have phones now that can pick up a signal pretty much anywhere, get on the internet, take photos, take video, chat with people. Even Star Trek didn't come up with stuff that advanced! But I digress.

So, I got to Seattle at 11 AM and met up with my best friend, Dan! I haven't seen him in... over a year? Far too long. He hadn't seen me with my red hair and he barely recognized me at first! He has natural red hair so we were palling around like ginger twins. I actually hadn't seen him with long hair so it was weird to see him too!
I missed out on eating breakfast on the plane and I was starving so we walked across the street and gorged on delicious omelettes and hash browns at 13 Coins. Mmmmmm. I had a scallop and bay shrimp one and I ate the WHOLE THING. I don't know what's gotten into me the last two days, I have the appetite of a T-Rex. After 13 Coins we loitered outside the restaurant talking and getting sunburns (well, I did at least), before deciding that we definitely needed some ice cream.

I have to give some major props to Dan for lugging my bag around the whole time. It was so so so heavy and though I tried to "pack light" by only having one tiny carry on, it weighed about as much as a black hole and seemed to get heavier as the day went on. Thanks Dan!

I decided to give my espadrilles a shot at a long day of walking around to see how comfortable they'd be, and I was really pleased! I walked all around LAX, SeaTac, and up and down the streets near SeaTac and my feet were fine!
Funny/weird story: I was walking down the sidewalk with Dan on the way back to SeaTac and we walked past some people and one lady leans over to me and says, "Jesus loves you, honey." ... O.o We could not figure out what prompted her to say that. At first I figured she thought I was dressed scandalously, but who knows! I wish I could go back and ask her why she said that to me specifically and not both of us. And also to tell her that I'm very aware of Jesus' love of me and that going around randomly telling people, "Jesus loves you" might not be the most effective form of evangelism. Needless to say, we were perplexed and amused by the interaction!

sister wedge/courtesy of modcloth :: dress/american apparel :: shades/pacsun
(photos by Dan)

This dress is the only purple thing I own. I never realized that I don't wear purple. It's a really interesting color. It's so associated with royalty since the dye used to be extremely expensive to make. It's so bold and intense a color, but still more regal than a bold red or blue. I'm excited to try and remix this dress and see how else I can wear it. It reminds me of scrubs. Sexy scrubs? I guess I'll avoid wearing it to the hospital.