Full Metal Jacket

It was rainy all day yesterday, and very mellow. As much as I love sweltering sunny days in summer, I also love the rainy days. The smell is so refreshing and it kind of forces you to chill out and relax. The rain got me thinking about the trip and my clothing situation in regards to camping. More specifically, I started thinking about buying a coat. I know it probably seems silly to most people to be thinking about buying a coat in the middle of summer, but it's really not that crazy to want a coat at any time of year when you live in Alaska. I'm on a quest for a certain kind of jacket though. I don't want anything fancy, more utilitarian. And not too heavy, I can layer underneath it for cooler temperatures. Despite wanting a utilitarian coat, I don't want it to be just some fleece Northface jacket, I prefer it to have some measure of style.

1. Billabong Commander Jacket 2. Empyre Impulsive Jacket 3. Element Kodiak Jacket
4. Empyre Valor Hooded Moto Jacket 5. ModCloth Checklist Jacket

Since I will be wearing this jacket to do actual work like hooking up when I get to camp, making fires, working on stuff, and all other sorts of unforseen outdoor activities, I want it to be relatively durable. Of the above options my favorites are the Kodiak Jacket from PacSun and the Empyre Valor Moto jacket from Zumiez. I went to both stores today and did not find either jackets in the stores, and I'm pretty hesitant to buy a jacket online, but I might figure out what their return policies are and just go for it. Although, both are sold out of my size... perhaps I'll just have to wait a little longer and see if they come back in stock.