L.A. Woman

Alright, If you guys don't know where I am now, then I just don't know what to say. LA! Ah, California. My birth state. It's so weird to think that I was born here (California, not LA. I was born in Sacramento). I only spent five years here before moving up to Alaska.
So! Here I am, in this enormous, bustling and sprawling metropolis. Seriously, flying over LA at night feels like flying over the planet Coruscant (a little Star Wars for ya there). The city seems to stretch from horizon to horizon. I cannot fathom that many human beings living in a city. When I got off the plane I couldn't tell you how many ads and billboards there were advertising ways to "get thin!" I was like, well, I guess I'm in LA now!

This morning I drove a little bit down the coast and through downtown El Segundo, which was really cute, and then fell in love with the little town of Manhattan Beach. Then I drove on the LA highways and I remembered why I can't live here. Even traffic in Seattle makes me question being able to live there, and I feel like Seattle is a baby city compared to LA! But all went well. My little rental car and I navigated the roads with ease and I never got lost. Great success! I actually (unintentionally) ended up at the LA factory for American Apparel and got to shop at their factory outlet. Even though I'm on a shopping ban I thought it warranted at least some sort of souvenir, so I found a cute dress which ended up being 50% off of the discounted price!

Have I been wearing the hell out of this skirt or what? I had put it away to sew some lining into it, but never did, so now that I don't need lining it's come out of the pile for good! And the shoes. Yes, the shoes I've been wearing so much lately. They're just so comfortable! I wore them all day traveling yesterday and my feet never hurt. I'm planning on wearing my new espadrilles tomorrow for the flight, so we'll see if those shoes pass the comfort test. I have my little moccasins ready if they don't work.

shirt/old kids tee from an aviation shop :: skirt/handmade :: shoes/kensiegirl :: necklace/handmade

So the reason I'm down here is for a photoshoot! Whhhaaaa?? Yup! Wanna know what for?
I was one of the four winners of the Revolve Clothing contest on Chictopia! I was so excited when I found out. Too much fun. I feel like I won't be able to do it justice telling you guys about it tonight. I'm pooped! It's not even late and I'm so wiped out. I'll just give you guys a sneak peek of my hair and makeup.

Oh! And I know I haven't posted the Novel Hunt giveaway winner yet... it's coming! I promise!