The Simple Life

The thing I love about Alaskan summers is that there is variety. It's not like other places where it's just hot hot hot and by september you're aching for winter to come. There are hot days that are simply heavenly, and then there are overcast days where you can layer and wear tights, and then there are rainy days where you can be all cozy. Yesterday was one of those gorgeous warm days (our thermometer says 105 right now, but it's baking in an extremely sunny spot. It's actually in the upper 60's, maybe 70). I like days where an outfit can be super simple, just a dress and a couple accessories.

I went to the lot next door and the truck is back! I wonder what they are doing. I think they must be fixing the dock or something because it's all taken apart. Oh well. Hopefully they won't sell the lot too soon, I sure do like going over there.

After having my hair and makeup done for the Revolve photoshoot I was inspired to do my makeup a little differently than my normal daily routine. I wish I was better at doing makeup. It really is an art. I just don't wear enough makeup to practice all the time. Speaking of art, I think I came up with a design to paint on my Winnebago's rear spare tire cover! I was doodling on the plane to LA and it just kind of came together! I think one of the things I want to do most while I'm on the trip is to make more art. I mean, I should probably start making more art right now... It was so nice in college kind of being "forced" to make stuff. I would really love to do more painting. I need to have more artistic discipline in my life. I should start scheduling time into my life to make art and music. I'm really glad my job allows me to be creative on a daily basis. I feel like I would shrivel up and die if I couldn't be creative and make stuff.

dress/forever 21 :: belt/vintage :: shoes/keds :: scarf/from Tieka

I must say, I have fallen back in love with my red hair. Last week I was thinking about changing it, but now I'm totally stoked on it again! Maybe it was the purple dress in combo with my hair from yesterday's post. I'm not going to redo the roots, but I'll rock it as long as possible. I think the red hair is just perfect with summertime.

And I finally have the winner of the Novel Hunt giveaway! The winner is...


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