We built this city

Goodness gracious. Could the weather up here be any worse? The past few days have been terrible! The wind hasn't stopped blowing in days and I loathe the wind. Yesterday night I spent two hours driving around trying to find somewhere that was decent to take pictures. FAIL. I seriously thought I was going to blow away. Luckily I had these pictures saved up from a few days ago when I was able to find a sort of non-windy place to take pictures inside a skeletal house.

skirt/thrifted :: top(dress)/old navy :: cardigan/gap :: shoes/seychelles

With winning the Revolve styleguide contest, I got a gift certificate to RevolveClothing.com, and I decided to splurge and get some Seychelles, since I'd never spend $100 on shoes with my own money! I've wanted these shoes for soooo long, and they didn't have my size, but I figured since they're booties it wouldn't matter as much. So they're two sizes too big, but I'm loving them! They smell like amazing leather. I seriously opened the package like a 5 year old opening a birthday present, and then all I could do was sniff them. I think I must have an affinity for the smell of leather. It reminds me of when I used to ride horses. I would spend hours cleaning my tack and I love the smell of nice supple leather. Nostalgia.

If you're wondering what is on my arm, it's a fake tattoo. I was really bored at work and just started drawing on my arm. Throughout the week it just kept growing! I used to draw tattoos on my arm all the time in high school. At one point I actually did tattoo flash and designed tattoos for people. I think a couple people have tattoos that I've drawn. As for my fake one, I finally washed it off this afternoon. It was funny to see what a conversation starter it was. Everyone thought it was real! I wouldn't get a tattoo on my forearm, I dislike interacting with strangers too much. Though maybe it would force me to put myself out there? Haha.