The boat that rocked

"Governments loathe people being free"

If you guys have been following my twitter, you've probably noted that I've been watching Pirate Radio lately. I absolutely love this movie. Mainly just because I would like to live in that movie, on a pirate radio ship, living with a bunch of crazy people in love with rock and roll. Once again, it's probably my desire to live in a compartmental space. I would adore living aboard a ship in a little bunk. And a pirate rock and roll ship? Heaven. The people on the Radio Rock ship actually remind me so much of my friends from college, and it makes me pine for the days when we were all together. I never thought I took it for granted, but now I see that I definitely did.
I guess this movie makes for one more film I'm living vicariously through...

I love how their outfits are all very 60's, yet in a really colloquial comfortable way. I mean, pretty much everything they're wearing I can imagine myself or my friends wearing. There are definitely some more quintessential 60's outfits, especially seen on the girls coming over from the mainland, but I rather like seeing the more comfortable outfits that the margins of society chose to wear. I think some of my favorite scenes are the montages of regular British people listening to Radio Rock in their PJ's, work wear, hanging out with friends, etc. What a cool time to be over there, eh? Right when all the best music was coming out. Incredible.

Carl's love interest, Maryanne, has the cutest little outfits. My favorite was by far this anchor dress. There are only brief shots of it, and she wore it with white lace tights and some adorable Seychelles-eque shoes. I die! What a doll. She's such a blogger, haha.

Thick Kevin had the best lines.
"I've got a tiny knob actually... but I rather like it. Means I can wear smaller underpants"
"I find alcohol rather sharpens my mind, yes."
"Sometimes, just sometimes, I think I should be called 'Clever Kevin'."

Does January Jones not just play the part of the 60's woman so well? I don't even think I like her playing modern roles, she so fits that era for some reason.

And Felicity's love interest was adorable as well, and I loved her outfits too.

You guys should definitely check it out, if only for a great soundtrack. It's called "Pirate Radio" in the US and Canada, and "The Boat that Rocked" in the UK. Such a fun movie. The contrast between the pirate radio DJ's and the staunch government folk is just hilarious. Rent it!