Chic Point Giveaway!

Hi everyone! A couple things here to update you all on. First, I have a little giveaway to bring you guys. I'm sure you've seen some giveaways from Chictopia on various blogs, and Chictopia also contacted me to offer you guys some chic points. Chictopia was the first online fashion network I joined, and everyone was so nice and made me feel really welcome. Chictopia helped me meet a lot of really wonderful bloggers who I've become quite good friends with! This giveaway is for 5,000 chic points, which can be used to redeem chic rewards!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post with your Chictopia user name! The winner will be drawn Saturday, July 11 at 12 pm (1 pm pst). If you want to keep up with Chictopia, visit their Facebook and Twitter!

And second: the winner of the ShopRuche Anchor bag is...

Carly was chosen as the winner of the ShopRuche giveaway to receive one of their Anchor woven bags. The winner was chosen by the random number generator at