knew you in the wild

Yesterday we went on an impromptu trip to Prince William Sound! Consequently I got pretty much nothing done that I had planned to do, but it was worth it. Weather has been pretty dismal lately (though I've been enjoying the drizzly days), so the sunny weather was definitely cause for a trip out to sea. It was Simon's first time on the boat and he was such a trooper! He wasn't scared of anything, and was very well behaved! Of course, he's like a whale shark and basically just runs around with his mouth open putting everything in it, so we kept having to remove various items from his mouth. In between his bouts of extreme excitement and general mischievousness, he curls up on any available lap and falls right asleep. Too cute for words.

dress/shop in Kihei :: dress underneath/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/thrifted :: cardigan/target

We anchored up and had a late lunch, then dragged the skiff off the flying bridge to go to shore for a bit of exploring. Little Bit was my exploring buddy. My little brother and I went up a creek for a ways and also down the shoreline. I really wish we could've just hiked and hiked for hours. Alas, we didn't really have the time and my outfit was not constructed for such activities. It was just so lush and there were so many fallen logs to climb all over, I think I could've explored for hours. I really want to explore places like this on my trip. Last summer we went to some places on the Olympic Peninsula that were similar to Prince William Sound, and I just loved being in the woods. The air smells so fresh and crisp and you've never seen so much green in your life.

Simon had a blast on shore. He was by the water and putting his feet in when a little wave came up and got him and he just decided to start swimming out. For a sec my Dad thought he'd have to go swim out and get him, but they called and he turned around and swam back. Of course then Simon was soaking wet, so he got to be all curled up on a lap in my Dad's polar fleece vest. What a spoiled little thing! At least he likes the water and isn't afraid of it though! And he can swim! What a capable fellow.

I got a craft attack the other day, and went to Michaels to get some blank canvas bags and embroidery floss, so the boat trip gave me time to sit down and start my little project. I'm embroidering a Winnebago on the side of the tote, like so. I have three blank bags, so if I have time I'd like to do all three. Time is a luxury these days and I'm about three weeks behind on a few things I've been meaning to do, so Winnebago totes may be a project for future times... I got the outline done though! I sure do like making things with my hands. Wish I had more time to actually do it!

Oh, and the reason I'm wearing a dress underneath a dress: The dress on top is just a bit too big for me, especially in the bust and I'm always worried I'm going to flash someone. I wanted to wear it today, though, so I threw on this other dress underneath that has a beige lace top. Plus having the underlayer kind of made the top dress fit a little better.

Photos by mom and my brother, Matt. Thanks guys!