Land the sunset washes

I think this skirt may be one of my most worn pieces in my closet. It was one of those things I got back in high school on a whim, but never wore it because I never wore skirts... or leather. I have quite a few of those things that I bought in high school because I thought they were cool but never knew how/had the confidence to wear them in public. Luckily I'm a pack rat and I keep things way too long, so a few of those things from high school made it until now. I actually just discovered a dress I thrifted in high school in the closet of my old room. I'm going to try and style it, but I'm in the process of orchestrating a closet purge, so it may get swept away before then.

top (romper)/thrifted :: skirt/thrifted :: shoes/thrifted :: necklace/gift

I found a couple goose feathers on the ground and it reminded me of when I was little and I would collect goose feathers to make native headdresses and dream catchers. A little trivia fact about me: I'm part Alaska Native– specifically, Aleut. Aleuts are one kind of Alaska Native (there are quite a few: Athabaskan, Tlingit, Inuit, etc.) Aleuts are native to the Aleutian islands, which is one of the most hostile places on earth to live, in my opinion. The Bering Sea is an unforgiving place. If you ever watch Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel, that tiny chain of islands jutting into the frigid sea is the Aleutians. My grampa grew up on Bristol Bay and used to mush dogs solo across hundreds of miles of frozen tundra and commercial fish as a young boy.

Even though I really didn't have time for it tonight, I got sucked into doing html stuff on the ol' blog. I moved my navigation from the left sidebar to the top, in order to make room for some more Winnebago-related info in my left sidebar. I'm pretty committed to just keeping the one blog and integrating the Brave here, rather than trying to make a whole new blog just for the trip. I don't have the time to take care of a whole other blog! So, I'm trying to gradually work in some travel-y things. I really want a map in my sidebar to show where I'm traveling. I put one in there from Google Maps for the time being, I'll probably do some more research on the map thing, but I like having it there. It's making me want to go places so I can update it! I don't want that little needle stuck in Anchorage! It'll be fun when the needle starts moving do a different place on a regular basis...