The long and winding road

On Sunday we got to pick up the new puppy! Originally we were going to fly down, but the gorgeous weather on Saturday did not hold and we were socked in. Thus, a short hour flight to Soldotna turned into an 8 hour road trip. So my Mom and I hopped in the car and headed down the road. I hadn't been down to Soldotna since High School track and field meets back in the day! Anyway, since it was super rainy all the campers on the Kenai peninsula were driving back to Anchorage, and the whole way down to Soldotna the cars were backed up coming the other way. There's only one road to Anchorage from there, so everyone was bottlenecked! So the return trip took significantly longer than the time it took to get down there.
It was all worth it though! We now have a new little ball of furry energy! His name is Simon (for now, that's the name he came with, though it may get changed. Not sure yet). Little Bit is not amused. She's all, "um hi? I'm your dog! What is this?" She's very emotive. She'll just come up to you and put her paws on you and say,"pay attention to me! Love me!" She did this with Pansy too, though. I think they'll become friends eventually.

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Look at little Simon blogging! He's so hip.

Did anyone ever watch that Disney Channel show about kids in the circus? It was on around the time that "Bug Juice" was on (which was also a classic). Anyway, for some reason I started thinking about that show again, and I have decided that I totally need to join the circus on my trip. I feel like that would be a really interesting culture to be a part of. They seem like a tight knit community. I'm not sure I have any circus skills...but I am an accomplished equestrian! Maybe I can wear some fancy circus outfits and ride around on an enormous horse or something? Haha. I mean, the Brave is pretty much made for circus living, right? All this thinking about circuses makes me want to wear circus-y outfits...

photos by my mom, thanks ma!