my sweetest downfall

Yesterday morning it looked like it was going to be a nice day and then in the evening it was all, "just kidding!" Well played, weather. With all the rain, my mom broke down and bought an umbrella since she's outside training the new puppy all the time. She thought it was just a plain black one, but then took it out of the cover and it was this gaudy, huge black and white one. Oh well. I actually saw some adorable umbrellas at Sears yesterday. I'm probably going to go get one today, since I'm headed to the air show in the afternoon and the forecast is for rain. Again. I totally love the rain though. It's strange, I never thought I'd be a rain person. It's not that I'm not a sun person, but I do love the rain.

dress/forever 21 :: vest(dress) & wedges/courtesy of modcloth

I went to the house yesterday to check in on the Brave, and maybe do some stuff, but I saw what happened next door and couldn't bear staying. Someone bought the lot next to our house and cleared nearly all the trees in order to build on it. That whole area where I used to take my pictures is completely gone. The side of our house feels completely naked with out those trees there. I cried a bit. I grew up playing in those woods! It's hard seeing things change which were so constant for so long. Now some big gaudy house will take the place of all those magical places. It's like, jeez! We move out for a couple months and everything changes! I'm glad I'm moving out in September, it would be weird living there seeing all the changes happening next door.