Sync up the Cuts

Sometimes my day is so full that by the time I sit down to start editing images and constructing a post, I realize it's already past midnight! Tonight is one of those nights (or last night, as it were). My Aunt came into town last night, and she's leaving on monday to go commercial fishing for a couple weeks with my uncle, her brother. If you guys have been around Delightfully Tacky for a long time, you probably remember me mentioning commercial fishing a couple times. I commercial fished for two summers back when I was a teenager. I guess, to describe it... it's like Deadliest Catch, but with 32 foot boats, and instead of hundreds of miles between boats, it's like between 0 and 100 feet. And nets, not crab pots. And thousands of pounds of fish. But I digress.

My Dad and his brother grew up commercial fishing in Bristol Bay with their dad, who had fished his whole life up there, but my Aunt never went fishing with them, so she's making up for lost time and putting in her family duty as a commercial fisherman. Today was spent compiling her wardrobe for the trip, which mainly consists of finding things that will keep you warm and dry. Since I was the resident "expert" (Dad was off doing other errands), I was helping show her what kind of things I wore.

cardigan/target :: dress(top) & shoes/courtesy of ModCloth :: skirt/UO via Leproust Vintage + Delightful Dozen

It's quite strange to be living in a new house. My bedroom is right next to my parents, which is very odd. I'm usually separated from them by two floors! I guess I'll have to break out the headphones if I want to watch TV late at night (love you, Insta-netflix!). I kinda liked my little den in the basement. Oh well. Just a couple more months and I'll have my little mobile den to exist in!

This skirt is like my new favorite thing and I'm totally bummed I have to package it up and send it on its merry way. Perfect weight, color, material, shape. It's probably not for sale on Urban Outfitters anymore, so I'll have to settle for this brief encounter. It would go perfect with a flannel/plaid top. I saw like a hundred at Fred Meyer's today, but I pried them out of my hands so I wouldn't buy them. Normally I'd just cave and buy them but now all I can think about is how many tanks of gas I can buy with the money I'd potentially spend on something. Sorry, gorgeous plaid shirts, I'll get you at a thrift store for a couple bucks instead of brand new for 30. Le sigh.
I love the floral on this top, but my boobs were too big for it! I don't think I've ever said those words about any article of clothing ever. Of the things said of my boobs, "too big" is never one of them. Anyway, if anyone is thinking of getting this dress, definitely go a size up. This is a size small and I could probably go a size up.