The Usual Suspects

Ah, sleeping in till noon is what weekends are all about. I'm currently trying to decided whether or not I want to go to Talkeetna for rest of my holiday weekend. I haven't been up for probably a month and I miss all my friends... but I have a feeling it might be crazy-town, considering the holiday. To brave hoards of tourists, or not to brave hoards of tourists, that is the question. It may be worth the trip just to get a breakfast burrito from Twister Creek.

top (dress)/shopruche :: skirt/free people via revolve :: shoes/minnetonka

Spending my gift certificate to Revolve has been a little bit difficult. A lot of the clothes on their site are more New York/L.A. fashiony. Kinda more of what someone like Audrina or Whitney would wear (c'mon, you know you watch The Hills and The City, don't lie. haha). My sort of vintage/thrifted style is not so represented, but I found this Free People skirt and instantly bought it. Buttons + pockets + retro print= love. I put the skirt on with the dress and the buttons lines felt like two puzzle pieces clicking together! Orange isn't a color I wear very often, but I have a bit of it in my closet. I feel like orange is kind of a strange color. I don't think you see it on the red carpet very often, come to think of it. I wonder why that is. I guess it's a very intense color. Almost naturally neon, unless you have a more brick orange color. Oh well, orange, I like you.

I'm moving out of my house next weekend. Actually, my whole family is– temporarily. We have a house that we let missionaries stay in on furlough, but one of the families we let it to has become quite large, and so instead of putting them in the smaller house, we decided to just let them live in our house and we're going to live in the other house for a month or two. They're missionaries in Italy and they make amazing Italian food, like legit Italian, not Olive Garden Italian. Since our house has a bigger and better kitchen than the furlough house, we thought it'd be better for cooking extravaganzas too.

The past couple weeks I've been going through my closet and downsizing it, and I plan on putting up a huge virtual garage sale of about half my clothes (if not more). I've been trying to get it together, so hopefully it will be up some time next week. I am selling a LOT of stuff, so I'll try to post like 5 or 6 items per day. I wish all you people were here in real life, then I could just have an actual garage sale! What fun eh? And I could sell lemonade!