Borne on the FM waves of the heart

It was one of those amazing Alaskan summer days yesterday, and I really wished we could've gone out to our cabin, but alas! We sold it this summer and we don't even own it anymore! Kind of sad to see places that hold so many childhood memories be sold. I hope someday my kids have those kinds of places. Right now I feel like such a nomad that it's hard for me to even think about committing to settling in one place and just staying there for decades. We moved to Anchorage in '91 and have lived in our current house since '97, but I just can't imagine living in the same place that long right now! Perhaps it's moving every year the past few years for college. Living in dorms, then apartments/condos, moving back home temporarily, and now living in the Brave in random places, it's all so temporary.

dress/UO from Tieka (via Delightful Dozen) :: shoes/kensiegirl :: shirt/billabong via pacsun

I'm sure eventually I'll want to settle down and find a geographical location that I can cozy into and make my own, but for now I guess I just have a wanderlust. I think it's a good thing to have at this time in life though. I've never wanted to just settle for anything in my life, not men, not mediocrity, and I don't want to live somewhere just because I happen to be there. I want to seek out a place that fits me. I love Anchorage and I adore living in Alaska, but if I stay here it will be settling.

I always thought I would find someone in college, marry them and then settle down as a young person, but it has definitely not turned out that way at all, and I wouldn't change anything. Even the parts of the last few years that have supremely sucked. And now, I think the person I am is much better able to be in a relationship, even though I'm not and don't necessarily care to be. I'm just so much more confident in who I am as a person, the things I like and what I stand for.

Yesterday I spent almost an hour outside taking pictures of my outfit, and then upon stepping inside and standing in front of a mirror again, I tweaked my outfit and liked it way better. Consequently, some of these pictures are from before the tweaking, and some are from after. I like both versions, what version do you guys like better?
Oh, and I dyed my hair the other night too. It's a little bit darker and I think my roots are less of a line and more of a gradient now. Ombre wasn't a complete success, but I like how it turned out. And my nails have been painted CMYK again! If you're not a printmaking geek like me and you don't know what CMYK is, it's the four colors used in process printing- cyan, magenta, yellow, and K stands for "key" which is black.