la manzana del invierno

If you couldn't tell, Avocado is one of my favorite foods. I would probably eat it every day if I could. I am of the opinion that it makes pretty much any meal 10x better. Delish! The meal above is from lunch yesterday. It's Avocado, eggs, dill and a tiny bit of cream cheese on a toasted thinwich thingy. I usually like using sour cream instead of cream cheese. I'm not sure why, I just like how it tastes. We didn't have any yesterday though.

The meal below is from dinner a couple days ago. It's egg, some smoked hot dog thing I found and grilled up (I felt like I needed some sort of meat and that's all I could find) all inside a tortilla with salsa and avocado on top. Also: some grapes. It was delicious.

Silly fact: I'm totally concerned about being able to feed myself on my trip. I haven't grocery shopped and consistently fed myself for over a year. That's what happens when you live with your family and they make yummy food for you on a daily basis. I'll have to jog my memory of living in my apartment in college. I recall a lot of ramen, burritos, and bruschetta. And mimosas...