The Remedy: Autumn inspiration

I'm having a hard time coming up with outfits lately, probably a result of a creative dearth overall. I thought I'd browse the street style archives around the net for a little bit of inspiration. I love all the layering and texture of these outfits. I need to bring out my tights and get back into the practice of layering. The simplicity of summer sundresses has made me totally forget how to layer! Since all my money is being sucked into the Brave right now I can't afford new autumn outfits, so I'll have to make my summer stuff work for fall and winter. Granted, this is what I usually do, but it'll be even more-so this season. Frankly, I'd rather eat and fill up with gas than have a new wardrobe.

looks 1-4: Vanessa Jackman looks 5-9: Stil in Berlin