Goin' Rogue

I promise to post about the first few days of travel- I'm working on sifting through photos right now! For now, here's the last post from NYFW!
I've been putting off posting about the Renegade Blogger Meet Up simply because there were SO many pictures and people there! It's hard for me to even sum up the whole event! It was a really nice event, no sponsors, no one really dictating any sort of plan or itinerary, we all just showed up and started talking! It was quite fun. And it was nice that it was just a bunch of bloggers, from new bloggers to veterans- everyone was welcome! Yaneldys from Out of Season Face brought some awesome cupcakes, which were a welcome addition to my stomach as I hadn't yet eaten anything that day! I also met Morgan and Lua, Nicole of Coco Maria, and Hannah and Landon. I think I was most starstruck by Hannah, simply because I feel like she's this totally ethereal creature on her blog, and she's so beautiful in person. Such a lovely soul. I wish I had gotten to talk to her, but there were a lot of people chitting and chatting, so I never got the chance to talk with her before I had to leave. Of course Rebecca, Erin and Jessica were there- all of whom I'd met last fashion week and are such fun ladies.

It's really relaxing to be around bloggers in person, I think. Most of us seem to be pretty low key and approachable. It's nice to talk about blog stuff with people. I think most bloggers don't have anyone in real life to talk about all the stuff that goes into blogging- mostly because most people we know in our day-to-day lives don't read our blogs or even would know what the heck we were talking about when we talk about social networks or comments or subscribers. From an outside perspective it probably sounds like crazy talk! It was enjoyable though. I loved the informality of the event, just laying out in Central Park and taking in the only nature you really get in the big city. I had never been to Central Park, so I was glad I finally got a chance to take in that part of the city. I wish I'd been able to spend the whole day there, but unfortunately I had to jet and head off to an event.

skirt/free people :: top/urban outfitters :: shoes/minnetonka :: scarf/mom's :: hat/claire's

I wore this hat a lot during fashion week and people were asking me how it stayed on my head. I never realized that it kind of just perches on my head back there without falling off. People kept thinking it was pinned on, but nope! The sheer power of my massive hair keeps it so intimidated it doesn't dare to move! Really I have no clue how it stays on, I just throw it on and it stays. Though it was rather windy in NYC a couple times and I had to walk around with my hand on my hat to keep it from blowing away and being demolished beneath the tires of a taxi or something.

This whole outfit is actually a redo of one I posted earlier. My plan for New York outfits was to not have to think of new ones and just take my favorites from my proverbial "archives" so that I would be always wearing something I loved and felt completely comfortable in. I think this may have been one of my favorite outfits the whole week. It definitely is most "me." It was a little strange trying to figure out how warm it was going to be- which made it a bit difficult to dress for the temperature. It was hot as hell down in some of the subways (goodness L train, was your platform also the stop for Charon on the river Styx?), but it was really quite cool in the evenings. I vacillated between feeling like a gross, sticky mess, and being a bit chilled. One night in our hotel it was really hot so we cranked the AC but we all ended up being so freezing cold that we didn't get much sleep! Whoops. I think the theme of New York was "sleep deprivation."

^Can you spot the real unsung hero of my blog? My Canon Rebel! Making a little cameo...
photos of me by Tieka