I'm not calling you a ghost

Being in Spokane, there are way too many emotions and memories being drudged up. My time here overall was good, but memories of James and the overwhelming loneliness that this city can remind me of are just very draining for me. I'm trying to recall the good times with all my friends, but there's still this dark presence hovering over this place. It makes me feel like I'm moving through tar when I walk around- if that makes any sense. It's like I'm wading through all of the baggage I left here when I moved away over a year ago. It seems like 5 years ago, I can't believe I lived here last June.
So here is an outfit from home, my last outfit shoot that I did in Anchorage, actually. I do miss home, probably more-so because being in Spokane reminds me of when I desperately wanted to move home and be with family, among people who loved me completely. As much as I am glad that I can take advantage of my alma mater and print in a state-of-the-art printmaking shop, I can't help but feel trapped here again. Perhaps it was too soon to return, but I suppose it's all part of a healing process. It will make the trip to Tacoma all that much more sweet, I suppose! My friend Brad is coming into Spokane this weekend though, so I kind of want to stay here to see him again before I'm off to places unknown. Well, I suppose whatever will be, will be.

forget me dot frock & diamanda tights/courtesy of modcloth :: cardigan/target
boots/lulu e. bebe :: scarf/from tieka :: glasses/wet seal

Today I spent the day printing. I was nervous, having not actually printed in over a year, but once I got into it, it all came back to me. Hopefully it'll come out well. I've got two layers down so far and I'm planning on doing two more tomorrow, then the final layer on Friday. I have 40 prints right now, but not all of them will turn out, so we'll see how big the final edition ends up being.
I have to say, printing is one thing that I just adore. I just feel so at home with a screen and ink, barefoot and hair piled atop my head. I love the ink caked on my fingers. I should buy a trailer to drag behind the Brave and convert the interior into a mobile printshop. Ugh, so awesome. Oh, by the way, I will be offering the edition of prints for sale once they are all done! It's the same print as on the totes, except this time it's hand printed by yours truly! And I'm contemplating printing the sun in metallic gold and/or making it gold leaf. Maybe just for a few of them. A special edition, perhaps? I'm so thrilled about it all.