All in the family

After watching part 1 of the Project Runway finale last night, my love for burnt sienna velvet dresses was solidified. I really adored the dress that Gretchen was wearing and it reminded me very much of one of my favorite dresses from the Family Affairs fall/winter collection. Rebecca wore it a few weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with the dress and the whole collection. I don't know what it is about this season, but I really just want to dress in velvet and sheer all the time lately! It just feels so luxurious and refined yet a little bit kitschy, and I love me some kitsch. Luxury kitsch... I think that's my new favorite description of something. Why yes, I do live in a luxury-kitsch mobile home!

This collection makes me want to have a whole new wardrobe full of sheer blouses, velvet, lace up booties, and tights. Winter wardrobe anyone? I have this vision of a chic little house on the prairie, but with a touch of British pomp & circumstance. I'm not sure if that girl and I will ever be the same person (probably unlikely) but I can always close my eyes and pretend to be her once in a while. And maybe I'll have an outfit or two hiding in my closet that I can pull out to imitate her for a day.

photos via Family Affairs