The Back 40

I've started to realize I'm in a funk when I don't feel like taking outfit pictures. The last couple days I haven't wanted to take pictures. I've just felt kinda strange and slightly morose, but yesterday things started to change and I'm in a much better mood now. I finally got my hands on a temporary parking permit, (so I won't get any tickets for my little Brave being on campus), I completed the 3rd and 4th layers on my print, took the Brave to get a check up, and mailed a couple Brave totes (only one left to mail!). So productive!

dress/courtesy of spotted moth :: necklace/courtesy of the morose bee :: shoes/kensiegirl

Behind my old college is 40 acres of vacant land where most people go for walks or runs, but I never spent much time back there while I went to school. Since I have Little Bit with me, the Back 40 is a perfect place to take her for walks! Whitworth is crawling with squirrels, they're almost as common as pinecones! Lucky for Little Bit, because she goes absolutely nuts when squirrels are near. If I even say the word "squirrel" she goes insane. We have to use code and call them, "S-Q's", haha!
The weather in Spokane has been simply amazing. It's been in the 80's all week, clear skies, so hot! It's kind of stumped me as to outfits! Even summers in Alaska don't get up to the mid 80's, so I can still layer at home, but now that I'm heading south and into warmer climates, I'm having to figure out how to dress for the heat! I'm sure most of you don't consider the 80's to be that hot, especially when temperatures near triple digits in the summer for some places, but this Alaskan girl is used to mild 60 degree weather!

I've been boondocking in Spokane because after paying rent for so long in this city, I refuse to spend another cent on housing here. Haha, silly perhaps. I spent a night at Walmart and a night parked in front of my old apartment building, and who knows where the next nights will be!
Yesterday I went to Jiffy Lube to get all the fluids checked on and to make sure everything was tight and good to go. The Jiffy Lube dudes were amazing! They gave me a huge break on the cost of the work, and were so incredible supportive and excited about my trip. They all wanted to hop on with me and go where the wind blows. It was really awesome, and I'm so thankful for them.
While the Brave was getting some TLC, LB and I went over to Starbucks to kill time, and boy was she so popular. Everyone wanted to say hi to her! She's kind of standoffish when it comes to strangers. She's not super friendly initially, but she's a nice dog once she knows you! Unfortunately for everyone who wants to pet her, she growls at them and shies away. Oh well!
I actually went to college with the girl who made my drink at Starbucks, and it turns out she reads my blog! Crazy! I always wondered if people I knew in high school or college read my blog. I guess I know at least one of my old classmates is a reader!