Emerald City

Sorry for the unexpected absence! Stuff happened, no internet, etc. I left Sequim on Saturday and caught the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds to hang out in Seattle with some old college friends. It was ... an experience. If you're planning on driving in Seattle, I recommend avoiding choosing a 22" Winnebago as your vehicle. I wasn't too keen on going to Seattle in the first place, for this very reason, but since they called me and I wanted to see my good girlfriend Molly anyway, I thought I might as well take the plunge and go for it. All in all I kind of wish I had avoided Seattle altogether and just returned straight to Tacoma, but oh well.

After driving through the tiny streets of Queen Anne and being given an incorrect address for the apartment my friends lived at, I finally got there (though the interior of the Brave had become quite discombobulated from the maneuvering...). We hung out for a bit, and then one of them asked if I wanted to come to the Huskies game that night since he had an extra ticket. Having never been to a college football game before (I'm pretty sure the one game I attended at my tiny alma mater doesn't count), I said yes and we left for the game. Unfortunately, and in typical Seattle fashion, it was pouring rain. We were ill prepared for such conditions and by the end of the first quarter we looked like we had jumped into a lake and had just emerged. Soaking wet. We bailed. It was fun though! Mainly just the experience of such a huge school's football game

Later that night I went and hung out with Molly, who is living in the most magical houseboat. It's like a floating cottage, so unbelievably cool. I wish I could've taken pictures but I got there at midnight and it was pouring rain, but just imagine the coolest tiny house ever, and then put it moored to a dock, floating on water. So awesome. It was great to be able to connect with her before I left Seattle. I'm really glad that I've been able to hook up with a lot of my college friends on this trip. It's fun being able to see so many people and catch up on what they've been doing since graduation. It's crazy to see where people's lives are taking them.