Journey home to Ithaca

As much as I love Tacoma, the road is always calling my name, it's like a siren call and I am the mobile Odysseus. While I am disappointed that I don't have any friends with me on this trip, I've actually realized that I am enjoying being a solo traveler. I've always loved being alone with a stretch of highway reaching out in front of me. I'll probably head out today or tomorrow down I-5.

My bike is definitely getting a lot of use in Tacoma. I don't think it's used to all this riding, and though it's made to be ridden, Tacoma riding is not the kind of riding suited to a beach cruiser. For one's heavy as hell. Not a lean, mean, speed machine whatsoever. Add that to my extremely out of shape physique, and it makes for a difficult ride, especially when hills are involved. I think if I actually lived here I'd have to get myself a road bike. My Mom and Dad have awesome vintage road bikes (haha, I just realized they're vintage only cuz they've had them forever! Oh man, some day all my new things are going to be vintage...).

dress/modcloth :: cardigan/target :: shoes/minnetonka

I've been mostly living in jeans, cardigans, and t-shirts since most of my transportation in Tacoma is by bicycle and biking in a dress is a bit chilly this time of year. I felt like donning my favorite dress yesterday, though, so I put it on with this new cardigan I got from Target. I swear to God, Target has some sort of magically evil(?) properties that make you want to buy everything upon setting foot inside there. I went into Target to try to find a new journal since mine is completely full now, and upon not locating a suitable replacement I found myself "accidentally" wandering through the clothes section. And of course I had to buy this cardigan. Luckily it's actually something I need. RVing is definitely cardigan weather and I only had two before I got this one. I love the colors! This one is way more fun than my ubiquitous black cardi. Huzzah!