saw you in the wild

On my way to Tillamook, I stopped at Cannon Beach. I knew a kid in college who was kind of obsessed with taking photos at Cannon Beach, so it always had some sort of mystery about it to me. It was certainly an amazingly beautiful place, but for some reason I felt underwhelmed. Maybe it was just that I had some sort of expectation, and I wasn't even sure what that expectation was.

The Oregon coast so far is what I imagined the California coast on Hwy 1 to look like, which makes sense, I suppose, since I'm only a couple hundred miles north of there. I was talking to my parents last night on the phone and we were talking about my next stops down the road, and I'm gonna hit Mendocino and then Napa valley! When I was first imagining my itinerary I thought about going to Napa valley but I kind of forgot about it. I might have to spend a few days there, since I don't have a DD! Haha. Little Bit is smart, but probably not smart enough to drive the Winne. Plus, her legs don't reach the pedals...

cardigan/gap :: dress/cosette :: shoes/minnetonka :: shades/thrifted

This is the same dress I wore in my last outfit post. When I left Katie's house I was too lazy to go out to the Winne to grab another outfit, so I just threw on this dress again. I haven't worn this dress in a long time, and it's a lot shorter than I remember! Oh well, as long as I'm not the victim of a rogue gust of wind, all will be fine. My frequent trips to beaches has all of my shoes full of sand! Well, getting stuck in the sand on Long Beach was my initiation to many days of sand. I was covered in sand after having to dig my tires out of the beach. It's fun, I'm used to sand being only a part of tropical vacations to Hawaii, I forget that there are sandy beaches all down the west coast. Expect to see more sandy beach pictures for sure!