Where rails meet sails

My time in Tacoma was so blessed. Granted, I'll be returning in under a week on my way down to Portland, but my initial stop in Tacoma was absolutely the best time I've had in so long. I'm now in Sequim, WA fixing stuff up, and picking up/dropping off stuff from storage. Thrilling, I know. It's actually really awesome stopping by in Sequim because there are so many things that I left here when I moved out of Spokane. All my art is here, a bunch of clothes (which are probably better suited for the thrift store than storage, but I don't have the time or energy to go through them all right now), my guitar is here, my tools, my microwave, and I'm sure a bunch of stuff I totally forgot about.

While the weather in Spokane was hot as hell and very summery, Tacoma was definitely headed into fall. I only wore a dress on one day when it was pretty sunny out, but tights were certainly in order. The autumn nip in the air was very present. I almost forgot that it's October and that the upcoming months are winter. Yikes. I don't think I'm ready! Spokane psyched me out with it's summery wiles...

dress/thrifted :: shoes/minnetonka

Another useful item I snatched up here in Sequim? Our bike rack! We had it on our car last summer, but since my family isn't living in Sequim and winter is fast approaching, I took it upon myself to liberate it from storage and put it to good use. Now that my bike is all fixed up, it's nice to have somewhere to attach it to the Winne that doesn't involve lugging it to the roof and zip-tying it down.

Well, I really do have a lot more to say but instead of working on this post I (mostly unsuccessfully) tried to record some covers with my guitar. So now I have sore fingers, a mediocre recording up on my music page, and a light post. So it goes.