long as I can see the light

The past couple days I've been hanging out in Little Rock, Arkansas with Starr from A Thought Is The Blossom! On our first night we went out to the bar and sipped on drinks and chatted the night away about everything from blogging to ... well more blogging, haha! It's fun to get together with bloggers because you can talk about all the weird blog topics that no one in "real life" understands or even cares about. I mean, how nerdy are we as bloggers when we can have a whole intense conversation about html coding. Oh my goodness. I'm sure the people at the next table were like, "who invited the geeks?"

top/tucker for target :: skirt/thrifted :: shoes/minnetonka

Yesterday Starr and I went on a photo adventure to an old abandoned house here in Little Rock. It was cool because I always love seeing photos of these dilapidated houses, but we don't have this kind of thing in Alaska, so I was always jealous of all you people who get to take pictures at run-down, abandoned houses. I could've spent hours exploring all the nooks and crannies, and the piles of stuff strewn about. For some reason, in every room of the house there were pieces of an old 70's Cadillac. We found a door interior panel, headlight, insurance papers, the cadillac emblem, and a set of keys-- all in separate rooms. How a Cadillac was reduced to tiny pieces and distributed throughout this house is beyond me.

The textures in abandoned houses are just so rich. The layers of paint cracking, the wallpaper peeling up to reveal older wallpaper, disintegrating sheetrock, and sagging roofs. You could tell the house used to be very cute. The light turquoise blue trim, the hardwood flooring, the floral wallpaper-- you could imagine the sunlight flooding in through enormous front windows on some domestic scene. And instead of overgrown grass, weeds and bushes: a neatly manicured lawn and some young child's tricycle in the front yard.

photos by starr