O captive Daughter of Zion

On my second night at Lake Mead, I got a fire going, played some guitar and then had a lot of fun with long exposure photos! I'm sure my camp-neighbors were wondering what the heck I was doing running back and forth, waving my flashlight all over the place.

The stars were amazing at Lake Mead, though not as amazing as they could be since Las Vegas is right next door, practically. All those damn neon lights from sin city almost looked like morning on the horizon all night. Sometimes I wish I knew the art of navigating by the stars. Isn't it cool to think that all those sailors who went around the world could navigate by the stars? It's kind of crazy to think that we have GPS nowadays. The GPS on my iPhone is disturbingly accurate.

... "Delightfully Tacky" was hard to write in the amount of time I had. Also, difficult to spell out in mirror-imaged cursive.

The next morning we got up and drove to Zion National Park. We stayed at this campground where our site was right on the edge of a river! It was an extremely beautiful location, surrounded by towering cliffs and the sound of running water. I tried to take outfit photos because it was just such a pretty place, but I was in a funk and not feeling it. Probably had something to do with my hair feeling gross- I think my hair has more of an influence on my mood than it should.

dress/forever 21 :: shoes/thifted

The next day I drove through Zion, which was completely ethereal. I was initially going to go for a hike through Zion, but I was not inspired to go hiking. Sometimes I feel like I have to do certain things because people really want me to go do them, or because someone said it was really cool and I simply must go do it, but one thing I realized about this trip is that I'm happiest when I'm just driving. As silly as it may seem to just drive, instead of stopping and spending days doing attractions, it's the one thing that I want to do always. I am at peace, and happy, and I just feel good when I'm driving.

On my way down to the Grand Canyon I drove by Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam. Lake Powell is quite different from Lake Mead, and I would have loved to take a boat trip around that lake, alas, funds certainly would not allow such a thing.

I took a couple videos near Glen Canyon. I always forget that I have a video camera on my fancy new iPhone. I'll try to remember to take videos in the future because they seem to show the scenery so much better than still pictures. Welcome to my life on the road! If you guys remember, I never ended up fixing the speakers on my stereo system, and I just don't mind at all! I bet it'd be weird for most people, but I've gotten used to having no music playing while I'm driving. Is that strange? I like it. I like thinking and singing to myself and going off on strange monologues in silly accents...