Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away

Drove into Georgia yesterday and made my final eastward time change. Going east has kind of been a pain because every day or two I lose another hour! But from here on out, every time change will be adding an hour, woo! Today I was driving and realized that the sun was setting and took a little detour on some Georgian backroads to find a suitable photo location before the sun sunk below the horizon. I barely found this spot in time, but when I saw the horses I knew it was a perfect spot to stop and grab a few photos. I was far more interested in taking photos of the horses than myself, so most of these pictures feature my little equine friends.

I rode horses for over 10 years so I have a special place in my heart for horses. I will always miss it. I used to do competitive hunter/jumpers and my horse Taco (his show name was Run For the Border- Taco Bell's old slogan, haha) was one of my best friends throughout high school. Nerdy, I know, but he really was one of my rocks that I could always count on. He was a ridiculous goofball, kind of an asshole, and an incredible athlete. We were a match made in heaven! I had so much fun with him, wouldn't take any of his shit, and we were amazing partners in competition. For people who don't get the bond between a horse and a human being, it's hard to really understand. I'm convinced it's a bond unlike the bond between a human and any other animal. They are creatures of immense wisdom, power, strength and majesty.

dress/Red Velvet :: shoes/kensiegirl

I got this cute vintage dress when I was at Red Velvet last week. There were so many amazing vintage dresses, cute accessories and other fun stuff that I could just walk around for hours looking at everything! Luckily for those of you who aren't a mobile gypsy like myself and aren't able to visit Red Velvet in person, they have a great website where you can find a bunch of vintage clothing, lovely handmade accessories, artwork, and even music- including some of Jeremy's albums! It's definitely a perfect place to look for some unique, fun and cute Christmas presents! I myself am wracking my brain for Christmas presents as the season seems to be fast approaching. I need to get a list going so I don't forget anyone. Not that there are that many people I need to get gifts for, but I definitely have to have a physical list that I can check stuff off of. I'm sure it will help me figure out what to get too.

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