Brave Print available!

As you guys know, when I was in Spokane some months ago, I stopped by my old art department and printmaking studio to spend a week making a limited edition of screen prints. I had planned on offering these as a fundraiser for my trip (even though at that point, I was already 1,500 miles from home), but I was enjoying my trip and didn't want to focus on trying to get them all set up to sell so I waited a bit and finally now I have them all set and ready! So! Here is the print I did. It's actually based on this piece I did in 2009:

...which is a mixed media triptych. It's gold leaf, acrylic and cut out U.S. map on old cabinet doors. It's one of my favorite pieces I've ever made and was actually purchased by my university to be in the school's permanent collection, which was such an incredible honor.

This print is a 5 color hand printed screen print. I'm not sure if you can tell in the photos, but the gold sun is actually shimmery metallic gold ink, which turned out really amazing. I'm not the best at registering my multi-color screen prints, so the registration isn't as tight as the Winne bags (which were printed by an auto screen printing machine), but I kind of enjoy the imperfections and I hope you guys don't mind. You can just picture me standing above my work, drawing the ink across the screen. And then cursing myself when the registration isn't perfect. It adds character, right?

It's printed on both archival cream or white paper. The one photographed here is the cream paper, but in real life it looks less white- a little more like color of the background of my blog posts. It'd be a fun idea for a Christmas present for someone who likes art... or Winnebagos...

Instead of last time when I had you guys email me to reserve a bag, this time I've put the prints on etsy, so you can go directly there to purchase them! Easy as pie! There are 15 prints on white available, and 13 on the cream.


I want to thank you guys for all the support you've given me on this trip. Not only have you guys left the most amazing comments and sent incredibly wonderful emails, but some of you have also supported me financially by either donating, buying a Brave tote, and now with these prints (assuming they sell!). It's really great to have such a positive community surrounding me throughout my adventures. I can't wait for the next stage in my life- and best believe it won't be a sans-Brave stage!