fly away home

I have lots of pictures to post from the last few days, and some videos too, but the internet here barely let me upload even this little picture, so those will have to wait for later.

I decided to make a silly little list of things I'm looking forward to doing once I'm living the stationary life. It is, of course, a very abridged list, as I have lots more swirling about in my head (and some more practical things too... like getting a job!). When I left on the trip I thought I'd be on the road much longer, but the way I ended up moving made it a much quicker journey! I don't mind, though. My favorite part of this journey has been driving- just being on the road with the sound of the engine and my thoughts- so I just drove. When I wake up in the morning all I want to do is drive! When I think about how I had sort of planned on sticking around in certain places for a few weeks I now see that I would've been unbelievably antsy staying in one place for that long.

Soon the little Brave will be tucked away in hibernation for winter, but I already have ideas for a trip next summer!