Flying... & a snack!

Well, you guys, as of right now I'm en route to my hometown in Alaska! I haven't been back since I rolled out of town in mid-September in my little Brave! I'm probably sitting on the plane right now either sleeping (most likely) or mentally preparing for two weeks of sub 20°F weather. Hopefully Little Bit doesn't die of a heart attack on the plane. She's flown on a plane before, but now that she's old and scared of anything and everything, who knows! Haha, so morbid.

I wasn't planning on doing a cooking post, but I had a couple avocados that were getting squishy and needed to be eaten, so I thought I'd make up some delicious Guacamole! Guacamole is probably one of my favorite things ever. I adore avocados so it makes sense, right? I have a hard time conceptualizing something that isn't improved by the addition of avocados, haha.

I love my Guac really simple and really fresh. Sometimes I'll just squish up the avocado, toss in some garlic salt and start munching, but this time I decided to add a few more ingredients. So I put in some tomato and onion. Usually if I'm putting tomato in I get a real tomato, but I had some little grape tomatoes left over from making bruschetta, so I tried using those, which ended up tasting just fine.

I won't go step by step, since it's pretty straightforward. Squish avocados. Add onion/tomato/etc (or don't). Throw in some garlic salt. Mix. Eat. The End. Sometimes I add cilantro, but I didn't have any this time.
About halfway through eating this I lapsed into an avocado coma and had to wait to finish the last half, haha. Oh avocados, you are too delicious!