new kid in town

Tomorrow I get to move into a brand new apartment! I've been brainstorming decor ideas all week. One of my absolute favorite things to do is decorate a living space. Even if it's just one room, like my dorm room at college, or my bedroom at my parents' house. But I absolutely love getting to decorate a whole living space-- bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. Unfortunately, after I pay the deposit and first month's rent I'll be pretty much penniless, so I won't get to buy much in the way of furniture or anything else. It might not be worth showing you pictures for a bit since I won't even have a bed or couch or ... okay I'm pretty much going to have zero furniture, haha! I'm going to try and work with what I've got in storage from college. Unfortunately most of my furniture got damaged when our garage flooded and made a lot of stuff moldy and we had to throw it all out. Including my absolute favorite couch of all time, the one in the collage above. I will be on a quest for the rest of my life to find its replacement. Everything in the collage above I have in storage, except for the little side table/turntable which I found at UO. But it's $88, which isn't any where near affordable.

I've been browsing the Sneak Peeks over at Design*Sponge for ideas. D*S is always my default for decor inspiration. I feel like my aesthetic is kind of tacky clutter with a heavy dose of 70's vibe. Basically, the interior of the Winne. One of my biggest woes when it comes to renting apartments is that you can't paint the walls. This kills me. I adore colorful walls and that's the one thing I'm really looking forward to sometime in the distant future when I own a place. I think the first thing I'll do when I own my first home is paint it. I'm not a fan of white walls. Maybe when I'm at home for Christmas break I'll grab some stuff from my room there, whatever I can fit in a suitcase, that is.