a hard rain's gonna fall

I've probably worn this outfit three days in a row. So comfy. It's more of my "biking through the rain" outfit than anything else. Dan and I rode our bikes to Bertolino's yesterday afternoon and it was raining, so I told him to take some pictures of my soggy post-ride self so you can see what I look like when I'm not so put-together. I feel like the photos don't actually show how wet I felt. Interestingly, I don't own any waterproof clothing, even though I live in one of the rainiest regions of the country (or at least it seems like it!). Perhaps a raincoat would be a good investment, eh? A rainproof body suit would be even more useful.

hoodie/fred meyer with Jose Parla screen print :: jeans/courtesy of Jessica Simpson :: shoes/courtesy of Blowfish

My sophomore year of college Jose Parla came as a visiting artist to our art department. Parla was my absolute favorite visiting artist all four years at school. I was kind of amazed that our little school got him to come! He did some work in my painting and printmaking classes and one day my printmaking class brought in t-shirts to get an original Jose Parla screen printed on them. I didn't really want a t-shirt, so I brought in a little sweatshirt instead. I just recently found this little hoodie again and it's been a great warmer article of clothing on rainy Washinton days. Plus, it matches my little Hodge Booties perfectly!